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Cherry Bomb Exhaust Systems

In the world of high-performance mufflers, Cherry Bomb is the brand that stands apart. Originally, it was a name for a Glasspack muffler, first built back in 1968 by the Maremont company. It had a simple straight-through design, essentially a long straight tube with a baffled channel filled with fiberglass. This construction created a unique deep exhaust note, while allowing for reduced back pressure for performance gains. These 2 ft. long fiberglass-packed mufflers were regarded as must-have upgrades for muscle car owners of that time. Today, this muffler design is produced in its modernized form, available to those who want a roar when getting the revs up.

Whatever your requirements for sound and performance may be, Cherry Bomb will meet them all. Whether you want to give your car a one-of-a-kind throaty tone of the original Glasspack or an agreeable sound within decibel levels, they have what you need. Cherry Bomb offers a complete line of performance exhaust parts for both classic hot rods and late-model vehicles. From a high-frequency sound of a Turbo Muffler to an aggressive roar of a Cherry Bomb Extreme series, you can choose the right tone that will match your car, truck, or SUV. So get ready to Disturb the Peace!

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Cherry Bomb Glasspack Mufflers & Exhausts



Why choose Cherry Bomb?

They saw the Golden Age of muscle cars. Cherry Bomb has been around since the 1960s, when the muscle car era was at its peak, and they know what these cars are all about. These guys know that hot-rodders want a real bombastic sound, and that's where they deliver!

They created the ORIGINAL Glasspack. Back in the days, the Cherry Bomb Glasspack was a standard bolt-on. These straight-thru mufflers with a characteristic red paint job were associated with a loud exhaust and high power. And they still are.

They take a timeless American classic to the new level. They took the same performance mufflers that hit the hot rod world a few decades ago and made them more sophisticated and more durable. It wasn't uncommon for the original mufflers to fall victim to rust; now the experts at Cherry Bomb use aluminized steel which resists corrosion. The red color is still there, now powdercoated rather than painted on. Cherry Bomb takes the most out of the advance of technology, making its exhausts more and more efficient.

They make their products in the USA. Everything they build comes from their facility in Loudon, Tennessee. That's exactly where they've been making mufflers since their inception. No outsourcing overseas. Cherry Bomb gives you a 100% American product, covered with a warranty you can rely on.

Get this if you want to make things LOUD. It is a quality muffler that really ROARS and the price is really amazing.




CFO, Autoperfect Inc.
I have it on my V8 Dodge Ram and it sounds like a beast. That's exactly what I expected.
It is a nice upgrade that gives a nice growl, and it is cheap. Great for its price! I would recommend it.