by Thomas Cross on Glasspack
Location (Sity, State): Pontiac, Michigan

I just replaced my Flowmaster super 40s with dual cherry bombs. I am impressed at the throaty aggressive sound. Perfect addition for my 1996 Chevrolet Silverado Z71.

 by Thomas V. Richards on Cherry Bomb
Location (Sity, State): Oklahoma City, OK

ReviewsMy 95 Fleetwood now sounds absolutely awesome. Nice rumble. No complaints.

 by Charles J. Franklin on Cherry Bomb
Location (Sity, State): Asheville, NC

Bentley ReviewsYep Maserati couldn't stand aside after all those Cayennes and Bentaygas. But I'm pretty much convinced a sports car maker can't build a proper SUV.

 by CottnJOE on Cherry Bomb
Location (Sity, State): Nashville, TN

Bentley ReviewsGot a pair of weld-in mufflers for client's Silverado. Good deep sound, no drone at high rpm